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Mary Ingles Walk Experience Nov. 16 & 17

Walk in the footsteps of Mary Ingles' 1755 escape from captivity.

  • 49 US dollars
  • Stone Cliff, New River Gorge National Park

Tour Description

Mary Draper Ingles famously "followed the river" home to Drapers Meadows, Virginia, after being kidnapped and held in captivity in present day Kentucky. The path of her return trip in November of 1755 went fully through the New River Gorge. Modern scholars of Mrs. Ingles' journey have determined that her route would have likely been along the Stonecliff Trail, and the timing would seem to indicate that she would have passed here in mid to late November. Join us for a special Mary Ingles eco tour on either Saturday, November 16 or Sunday, November 17, 2024. Your guides will lead you along the Stone Cliff Trail and provide special opportunities designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the monumental challenges Mrs. Ingles faced as she braved the wilds of the New River Gorge those many years ago. Your guides will lead you not only along the probable path of Mary Ingles journey, but acquaint you with the story of her capture and return, both the facts and the fictions.

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