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It's Time to Get Outside!

It's spring, and nature is waking up from its long winter slumber. We've been out early this spring checking out vernal pools, those ephemeral pools of water that appear in spring forests where frogs, salamanders and other amphibians begin their lives. So far this spring we've seen egg masses of Spotted Salamanders, Wood Frogs and caught a couple of Spring Peepers in the act! We will be going back to these pools a couple of times to check on the progress of the eggs.

Two Spring Peepers mating
Spring Peepers mating

Spring Ephemeral Wildflowers are blooming throughout the New River Gorge now, and soon mushrooms will begin to appear. Already the Serviceberry and Redbud Trees are blooming and leaves are beginning to emerge on Maples and Oaks. It won't be long before the forest canopy begins to fill in and migratory birds begin to return on their way to the north country. We always love to hear the first Scarlet Tanagers of the season, which are usually in April.

White wild flowers with yellow centers growing in leaf litter
Bloodroot - one of the earliest blooming spring wildflowers.

We are looking forward to hosting you for a New River Gorge Eco Tour! Join one of our group tours or message us about booking a private tour and find the hidden treasures nature has waiting for you in the New River Gorge National Park this spring!


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