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Colliding Continents and Forest Finds

At New River Gorge Eco Tours, we believe that everything is better in hiking boots.

During your guided forest walk, we’ll tell you the story of the New River Gorge from its geological beginnings to the human activity that has become an integral part of its ecology. Together we’ll explore different forest communities and the complex network of plants and fungi that make up the “Wood Wide Web.” We promise – you’ll walk out from under this lush forest canopy with a deep appreciation of all the beautiful places and tiny treasures that make this place exceptional.

Our Story

We are passionate about the outdoors, and we love sharing the beauty and importance of the New River Gorge with others. Originally, we offered New River Eco Tours exclusively to our guests at  Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals but we wanted a wider audience, so we opened our tours to the public. our eco tours are now offered to the general public. We are licensed by the National Park Service, insured, and follow sustainable tourism principles. Our goal is to provide every guest with an unforgettable adventure!

Guided Forest Walks

We struggled to come up with a descriptive name for what we do. Not really a hike, because we're not covering a lot of miles getting from here to there. More than a leisurely stroll through the woods, because we are very intentional about helping you experience the whole forest understanding the nature and history that is woven together in this place. We settled on the term "Guided Forest Walks,' and after your New River Gorge Eco Tour we think you'll agree that it's a fitting description. 

Photo of a trail through an Appalachian forest

Meet Your Guides

Through our many years of hiking and master naturalist studies, we’ve been delighted and surprised by all that we’ve learned about the natural history of our home. We’ve shared our appreciation of this special place with our vacation rental guests for almost a decade – by providing in-depth information and trail advice – but in 2023 we decided to provide a more personal touch and lead our guests on journeys of discovery in this magical place.  We had such a positive response that we decided to open our tours to the public in 2024, and we'd love for you to join us!

Photo of Amy and Shawn in front of waterfall

Amy McLaughlin & Shawn Means

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