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The Anti-Hike

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is wildly anti-hiking. "I wouldn't hike to escape the Nazis," he says in one of his stand-up bits. His chief complaint is that he doesn't like to walk, and he sees no point in walking through the woods, and "at some point you realize you're going to have to walk back!"

While we love to hike, we do understand that it's not for everyone. There are people for whom nature is uninteresting, or think the physical exertion required for hiking from point "A" to point "B" is not worth the effort. We understand that some folks get anxious signing up for a guided hike because they fear the distance or terrain might be too challenging, or that it will be boring.

But we also know that there are lots of people who have a deep desire to experience nature, especially when they visit special places like the New River Gorge National Park. And that is why we started New River Gorge Eco Tours and developed our Nature-Focused Forest Walks. These tours are slow-paced, and led by Master Naturalists. We're more about experiencing the wonders of nature than logging miles.

Perhaps we should have named it "The Anti Hike."

How Our Tours Differ From Guided Hikes

  • While most group hikes start off quickly "to get your blood flowing", we often will stop less than thirty feet into the trail to examine some fruiting mushrooms or to take time to look at a native orchid.

  • While most hikes average 3 miles per hour, our pace is usually less than half that.

  • Most guided hikes have a particular destination in mind, whether it be a popular vista or Instagram-famous waterfall, while we show our guests the hidden beauty than is found on less popular trails.

  • We intentionally limit the number of participants on our tours, so that everyone has the chance to see, listen and talk with their guides as we explore together.

  • The average distance of our tours is less than 2 miles.

Is a New River Gorge Eco Tour Right For You?

If you are an Anti-Hiker but would still like to experience nature, perhaps one of our naturalist-led forest walks is just what you're looking for. We'll lead you on a walk through this ancient forest, pointing out the natural wonders it contains, and tell you the story of the natural and human history of the New River Gorge. We're confident that you will leave with a deep appreciation of nature and a good understanding of what makes this place so special.

Join one of our regularly scheduled group tours, or contact us to make a reservation for a private tour.


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